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StartPad- Mad Drumming

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StartPadTM is a high quality and affordable practice pad for snare drummers.

 This state-of-the-art drum pad has been crafted from carefully selected, durable material, designed to closely mimic the playing on a real snare drum. Its revolutionary design will place every beginner snare drummer on the right path to drumming success, right from the start!

It features a special non-slip base to prevent it from sliding around on the surface while being played on, a number of guides to assist in perfect aim thus eliminating bad habits right from the beginning, convenient holes to allow it to be clipped in and transported in a standard ring binder, and it’s flexible and durable enough to be rolled up for easy transporting in your back pocket. You can even use StartPadTM directly on your snare drum to soften the volume of playing whilst retaining a realistic rebound feel. This allows beginners to become comfortable playing in a corps environment, without being too self-aware or having the potential of disrupting other players - important factors in the early stages of a long drumming career!



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