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McCallum Polypenco Bagpipes > McCallum P4 Poly Bagpipes with Engraved Alloy
McCallum P4 Poly Bagpipes with Engraved Alloy
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Price: $1,199.00
Prod. Code: MPP4E

 McCallum P4 Poly Bagpipes with Engraved Alloy

 This style is mounted very much like the Blackwood AB4 models, but the Poly construction allows it to be priced lower. The engraved aluminum alloy resists tarnish and is not plated. Made from black acetyl plastic, this set is extremely durable and easy to maintain and can hold up to all kinds of weather and use. McCallum's famous Poly pipe chanter is standard on all Poly sets. Made in Scotland.
Features of McCallum P4 Bagpipes with Engraving:

♦ Durable Poly construction

♦ Fully combed and beaded

♦ Imitation ivory projecting mounts 

♦ Beaded and engraved alloy ferrules, tuning slides, and ring caps

♦ Adjustable Poly blowstick

 ♦ McCallum Poly pipe chanter

McCallum Poly Bagpipes come with a 10 year Warranty on the pipes themselves.

 Price listed is for a complete set of McCallum MPP3's as shown with synthetic zipper bag, corded bag cover, silk cords, synthetic drone reeds and polypenco chanter.

We are NOW starting to stock these bagpipes! Please give us a call at (586) 477-0636 to custimize and set up these bagpipes today.

Note: To purchase the Blackwood Chanter with these pipes, add an additional $100.00.

You may also get this same set with Fire Department Engraving. Call for details.



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