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RG Hardie RG04 Bagpipes
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Price: $1,389.00
Prod. Code: RGH04

RGH04 Hardie Bagpipes

Made from African Blackwood, R.G. Hardie bagpipes are the choice of military pipe bands and proudly owned by pipers worldwide. They have their own unique look and are available in a variety of affordable models. They are ideal for both beginners and more seasoned pipers. They are bagpipes made to the highest standards by master craftsmen.

Each set comes with “R.G. Hardie” and the year of manufacture engraved on the bass stock.

RGH04 Features

Plain beaded nickel ferrules, slides and ring caps. Imitation ring cap bushes and projecting mounts.


Standard Set Up Includes Top Quality Components:

♦ Bannatyne Synthetic pipe bag with zipper and choice of Bannatyne water trap (not included if a different brand of bag is selected)

♦ EzeeDrone Synthetic drone reeds (Canning, MG, or EzeeDrone reeds suggested)

♦ Velvet bag cover and silk drone cords

♦ Brand name pipe chanter reed

♦♦RG Hardie and Peter Henderson Bagpipes are protected by a 5 year guarantee against natural defects♦♦

You may also order  Sticks and Stocks only for a reduced price, call for pricing.



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