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Drumming Starter Kit

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LaCo Firefighters Pipes and drums

The starter package includes:


Large Outlander Practice Pad-

The OUTLANDER™ is a straightforward, budget-minded practice pad equipped with a slightly thinner layer of OffWorld's signature Darkmatter™ surfacing, allowing for a more realistic rebound geared towards fundamental chop development.

• Equipped with OffWorld's trademark Darkmatter™ formula as championed by the INVADER™ V3 series.

• Finished in a Burgandy red stain and complimented by a non-slip neoprene base with a flashy new logo, the Outlander™ is lightweight, ultra-portable, and affordable.

A great rudimental impliment for fledgling players, also a compact and mobile practice tool for pros!

*F21 Cleaner/Surface Enhancer is not included with this unit.


Jim Kilpatrick Snare Sticks- The KP2 is the world's best selling pipe band snare drum stick. Used by most of the top drum corps around the world, this stick has a perfect balance for total control and high definition and pitch from the snare drum. The KP2 is currently the favored stick of Jim Kilpatrick and his Shotts drum corps.



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