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James Laughlin's eBooks


The Guide to Pipe Band Drumming (Volume 1)

by: James Laughlin

    $29.99 USD

The perfect start for any pipe band side drummer. Whether you are an absolute beginner, an intermediateplayer trying to improve the basics, or a drummer with a different background dabbling in Scottish drumming for the first time, this 65 page e-book and 43 track MP3 accompaniment outlines pipe band snare drumming from the very basics of learning how to hold the sticks, understanding basic theory, developing

basic rhythms, mastering the essential rudiments and learning your first drum settings.

The book has been structured in a way that takes the student through a step-by-step process on learning to play the Scottish Snare drum. Each exercise has also been recorded to aid the learning process.

  • 14 Chapters
  • 65 Page eBook in PDF format
  • 43 Audio Tracks in MP3 format
  • Music Theory Information
  • Traditional Drumming Grip
  • Basic Drumming Rudiments - Doubles, Paradiddles, Drum Rolls etc
  • Advanced Drumming Rudiments - Swiss Ruffs, Ratamacues & Drags
  • A collection of Basic Scottish Snare Drum Tunes


The Guide to Pipe Band Drumming (Volume 2)

by James Laughlin

    $29.99 USD

James Laughlins Guide to Pipe Band Drumming Volume 2 eBook with audio accompaniment is now here.
Many of you may already have a copy of the popular "Guide to Pipe Band Drumming Volume 1", where we focussed on the essential foundations of good drumming skills.  Volume 2 is geared towards the more advanced drummer who wants to impove, develop and hone their drumming skills.

  • 76 Pages of Stuctured Drumming Education
  • 63 Audio Tracks in MP3 format 

The core of the book has been split into three primary sections - Rhythm, Phrasing & Technical Execution.

Key ingredient # 1 : Rhythm -  Here you will work through 13 pages of solid rhythmic development

Key ingredient # 2 : Phrasing - Now you can develop your feel & flow with 20 pages of intense Phrase Workouts

Key Ingredient # 3 : Technical Execution - Now for the biggest challenge, 30 pages of the toughest rudiments in drumming


The Guide to Pipe Band Drumming Collection (Volume 1 & 2)

by : James Laughlin

    $44.99 USD

Do you want to challenge yourself and take your drumming to the next level? Together, the book & audio tracks work as a powerful tool of self-improvement to help you discover the talent within.

What are customers are saying about the eBooks?

"Instant Download, Instant Gratification. I love your fun and extensive approach to Scottish drumming. This is BY FAR the best educational tool on the market. Thank YOU!" - Mark R, Scotland

"I just downloaded "The Collection" and I have to say there is some serious hours of practise in there to be done. Magnificent work mate with this Vol and I cannot wait to hook in" - Jeff T, Australia

"Excellent book, and I'm glad you recorded MP3s of all the exercises within the book. It helps that little bit more with my sight reading and it ensures that I'm playing things in the correct manner."  - Rob R, United Kingdom

"Thanks for releasing such an awesome compilation. I will be taking it along to all of my drum corps!" - Don W, USA

"I have always wanted to learn Scottish Snare Drumming - my family's heritage is Scottish. This eBook was amazing, and allowed me to master the basics, get onto a drum and play in a pipe band! All of this in less than a year!" - Michelle T,  USA

"Years of bad habits - broken! James Laughlin's Guide to Pipe Band Drumming fixed a lot of the fundamental mistakes I have been making for over 20 years. He has a very special way of presenting Scottish drumming in a simplistic and informative manner" - Patrick D, N.Ireland

"The eBook comes with a hige amout of Audio tracks - they were so helpful as I am not a good reader of music. This book has opened so many doors for my drumming." - Sean G, Canada

"I downloaded the book, and now use it on my iPad and iPhone - an awesome resource when I have time to spare. Sitting on the train I can be looking through the book and tapping through the exercises with my fingers. Thank-you James!!!!!" -Steven M, Scotland



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