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Blowsticks & Valves > Airstream Mouthpiece- Deluxe
Airstream Mouthpiece- Deluxe

Price: $34.95
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Prod. Code: AMPD

Airstream Mouthpiece Deluxe

From the makers of the ever popular Airstream Blowpipes, & Mouthpieces, is the new Airstream Deluxe Mouthpiece. This mouthpiece is basically the same as the standard Airstream Mouthpiece, but we have added imitation ivory bulb on it. The mouthpiece is available in the 4.5", and 5.5" lengths. Airstream mouthpieces are the original oval mouthpieces. All mouthpieces come with a mouthpiece protector on them. They are threaded with a universal fit, so they will fir most makes of blowpipes.



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