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Blowsticks & Valves > Highland Reeds Drone Moisture Control & Valve System
Highland Reeds Drone Moisture Control & Valve System

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Prod. Code: HRMCS2

Achiltibuie Highland Reeds Drone Moisture Control System MCS2
This is the revised Moisture Control System, with stronger flexible connectors for drone stocks and screw-adjustable quick stop drone valves. This system controls the moisture that reaches the drone reeds and simultaneously regulates the air that reaches the reeds. Together, these lead to improved stability and cleaner stops and starts. You can also use only the drone valves or only the moisture control components.
Features of the Achiltibuie Drone Moisture Control System:
  • Keeps reeds drier so you can play longer
  • No tonal change
  • More consistent air pressure
  • Removable quick-stop drone valves
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Non-bulky and lightweight



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