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Moose Valve

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Price: $39.00
Prod. Code: MV

The Moose Valve is the newest innovation in design of blowpipe stock valves. It locks in place into the blowpipe stock using a tool provided and can be fitted and removed at any time for cleaning or for seasoning leather bags. The valve provides a large bore for a non-restrictive airflow and can also serve as a simple water trap. The installation can be a little tricky, but the Moose Valve comes with instructions and a clear plastic practice tube, so you can practice installation and manipulating the valve in the tube before attempting to fit it in the stock. Remember to remove whatever other type of valve you were using previously.
To fit: Place into stock and push to required depth using the tool provided. Then lock into place. To remove, simply unlock and pull out.
The Moose Valve can be installed in pipes with any pipe bag type.
Moose Valves are not compatible with Gibson pipes and water traps, as the Gibson blowstick stock bore is too large.
Moose Valves comes with a 2 year guarantee.



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