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Drone Reeds > X-TREME Drone Reeds by Chris Armstrong
X-TREME Drone Reeds by Chris Armstrong

Price: $111.00
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Prod. Code: XDRSCA

X-TREME Drone Reeds are precision engineered to exacting standards and the design profiles a carbon fibre tongue which will give you a tailored, stable and rich tone.

Product features:
  • Specifically designed tuning screw with a finer pitch thread to ensure an airtight seal without the need for additional tape etc. This also allows for a great degree of precision when setting the pitch.
  • Carbon Fibre tongue which provides a robust, stable and rich, full sound.
  • Engineered and manufactured to a high level of precision to ensure good air efficiency.
X-TREME drone reeds are designed and tested by Chris Armstrong, Pipe Major of ScottishPower Pipe Band - a band which regularly rank among the top 3 bands in the world. His Pipe Major experience at the very top level and his years of pipe band playing has allowed him to amass a wealth of knowledge and insight in to the conditions and demands pipers place upon their instruments. His extensive pipe band back experience,  alongside his impressive track record in the solo piping scene, means that Chris knows what it takes to produce a top class sounding instrument and he has used this knowledge to aid in the design of his products. All of this means that you can have complete confidence in the both the service and quality of X-TREME bagpipe products.



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