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Blowsticks & Valves > *NEW* R.G. Hardie Flexistick Blowpipe
*NEW* R.G. Hardie Flexistick Blowpipe

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Price: $99.95
Prod. Code: RGFBP

Flexistick Blwpipe by R.G. Hardie

The FlexiStick is a precision made blowpipe that extends from 8 inches to 12 inches. It has a swivel joint which allows the player to angle the blowpipe for a more comfortable playing position. The new design incorporates a smaller porjecting mount available in black or imitation ivory colour.

It has a number of component parts with which
you should become familiar:

Integral valve assembly:- unscrew to replace valve. We recommend smearing Vaseline on the valve for a better seal. Insert blowpipe into the stock in a clockwise direction to avoid loosening the valve assembly.

Swivel Joint:- loosen swivel cover and adjust to favoured
position, then tighten firmly.

Telescopic tube: - loosen locknut and extend to preferred position then tighten firmly. Two different lengths of tube are provided to achieve the desired length. Unscrew locknut to remove the tube. The mouthpiece and locknut should
both be removed to change the tube.

Oval Mouthpiece:- A second option to the more traditional round mouthpiece. Both mouthpieces are threaded onto the telescopic tube.



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