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Drumming Books/ CD-ROMs > Guide to Pipe Band Drumming: The Essentials - Laughlin
Guide to Pipe Band Drumming: The Essentials - Laughlin

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 Guide to Pipe Band Drumming: The Essentials - Laughlin  

Accomplished pipe band snare drummer, teacher, and former SFU member, James Laughlin, offers a thorough introduction to pipe band drumming, taking beginners fromt the fundamental rudiments to massed band scores. The book is laid out clearly, with thick, glossy pages and a convenient spiral binding. Plus, 43 companion MP3s can be dowloaded to supplement the book content at www.pipebanddrumming.info. 65 pages.
Contents of Laughlin's Guide to Pipe Band Drumming:
   Understanding Terms
   Note Values
   Rest Duration
   Mono-linear Notation
   Understanding Time Signatures
   Simple Time
   Compound Time
   Dotting and Cutting Notes
Getting Started: Holding the Sticks, Metronome Use
Single Strokes
Double Strokes
Triplets: Elementary
The Paradiddle: Elementary
Buzzes and Rolls
Elementary Embellishments
Paradiddles: Advanced
Triplets: Advanced
Rolls: Advanced
Continuous Roll Movements
Single Strokes: Advanced
Embellishments and Single Strokes Combined: Advanced
Drum Scores
   Beginner March
   4/4 Massed Band Setting
   2/4 Massed Band Setting
   3/4 Massed Band Setting
   6/8 Massed Band Setting

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