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Bagpipe Start up Kit for Kids

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Bagpipe "Start-up kit" for kids

Here at Barr 1 Highland Supply we receive a ton of emails and phone calls........... what will my child need to get started playing the bagpipes?

The Answer is: A book and a practice chanter with practice chanter reed.

Book- The Highland Bagpipe Tutor Book 1 is the best book for starters. Some of your best pipers playing today started with this book.

Practice chanter-  R.G, Hardie (junior or regular length practice chanter) you have a number of different choices however this is one of our favorite . One of the big advantages is It has the O rings as apposed to the hemp. This allows the beginner to properly install the chanter together the same way everytime.

NOTE: This is the children's size chanter. Adults, please go back to starter kits and select " Starter Kits".

Kids ages 4-9 we suggest the junior length,  ages 9 and up we suggest the regular length or long. The long practice chanter has a package all my itself. Please go back to start-up packages and select "Start-up with long practice chanter"

The R.G. Hardie basic practice chanter is a budget chanter with a plain finish and countersunk holes. An excellent choice for a young child who has not yet developed for the standard or long size practice chanters.

Comes complete with a reed.


The Highland Bagpipe Tutor Book 1 by The National Piping Centre (Incorporating the College of Piping) is the most widely used instruction guide for beginning the bagpipes. This book is also known fondly as the "Green Tutor Book". This trusted resource has clear pictures and text that have helped many learn the bagpipes. In addition, you will find supporting video clips for each lesson at: www.thepipingcentre.co.uk/learn/tutorbooks


In 2019, the Green Tutor Book was edited to reflect an exciting, modern look, complete with a new cover. This new version continues the longevity of excellent information, and the book's original integrity has been maintained. This book begins with the basics: reading music, playing notes on the practice chanter, and fundamental fingering. By Lesson 4, you're starting to play part of a tune. The book includes 14 tunes.



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