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Pipetech Precision-Plus Bagpipe Tuner

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Price: $199.00
Prod. Code: PTPP

Pipetech Precision-Plus Bagpipe Tuner:
With a clear analog display, easy-grip design, and flexible clip-on mic, the Pipetech tuner is perfect for fast and accurate band tuning. Using the drone setting, you can quickly set up the pipe corps before a practice or performance. The sensitive mic picks up individual drones, while the needle is stable enough to give a strong reading. And the analog display is easy to see outdoors. Plus, this product can be used as a tabletop tuner for setting up a pipe chanter. The Pipetech tuner comes with a soft case and a microphone, making it a complete package and an exceptional value.
Features of the Precision-Plus Tuner:
  • Flexible clip-on microphone
  • Sensitive, precise response
  • Chanter and drone tuning
  • Easy-to-read needle display
  • Operating range: 454-494 Hz
  • Lightweight design
  • Comfortable grip
  • Wrist-strap
  • Energy-saving automatic shutoff
  • Excellent for band tuning
  • Includes carrying case and Carabiner clip



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