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 Gibson Great Highland Bagpipes are designed and Based upon a prize winning set of MacDougal of Breadalbane pipes, (considered by many to be the Stradivarius of bagpipes) it is said that this pipe was the only pipe ever to win four gold medals in? One year. Jerry spent many hours and weekends Analyzing and duplicating this rare and fine set of Old MacDougal’s there were several very unusual Features to this bagpipe to make it sound the way it did. Jerry had Already measured several other sets of MacDougal’s (11sets) including MacDougal’s of Aberfeldy as well as MacDougal’s of Breadalbane. A common feature of this bagpipe was the amazing umbrella of sound that literally surround’s you. The drones weren’t just steady but had exceptional colour, depth as well as breadth of sound, even for a set of MacDougal’s with outstanding harmonics of chanter to drones as well as blend of tenors to bass drone with fine line tuning Judging by our customers comments we have succeeded in achieving the sound of this amazing pipe. 


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